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About Prodigy

"to infinity & beyond" ― Buzz Lightyear, Disney

Translating Ideas into Service

Ideas are numerous within the business. Are they achievable?
Can they be projected onto the business?
Are they meaningful for the business?

Over 95% of these ideas fail to materialise and get ‘chopped’ along the way and businesses mostly remain stagnant over the years and do not live up to their full potential.

Prodigy is there to materialise these ideas and push businesses into a better and sustainable future. 

Prodigy Mission

Helping the business community enhance their products and services and head towards a sustainable and improved future

Prodigy Vision

To be the preferred consultant and advisor for innovative ICT projects and solutions for the business community

Key Aspects of Prodigy Services

What we are built of

Our services are backed by over 16 years of professional experience in the IT and Telecommunications sector

Creative & innovative approach to tackling issues and providing turnkey and tailor made solutions

Years of experience in ISO quality and business management being used esp. for business re-engineering

Our Service Lines