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Prodigy Services

“One truth I have discovered for sure: When you believe that all things are possible and you are willing to work hard to accomplish your goals, you can achieve the next “impossible” dream. No dream is too high!” 

― Buzz Aldrin


Enabling better approach to projects with the best of breed ICT and business solutions

Business Re-engineering

Devising new goals and milestones while revisiting the aim, mission and vision of the organisation

Engineering Design

To enhance and optimise the use of technology within an organisation

Project Management

Spearheading projects to meet cost constraints and deadlines, while taking into account stakeholders’ requirement

ICT Consultancy

We leverage on the brilliance our in-house experts in the ICT field, to provide businesses with an unparalleled service to enable ICT as a value-add to their bottom line

ICT & Engineering Design

As more and more tools are available on the market, we help design the best scenario and combination of ICT tools to meet the customer’s needs

Business Automation 

Business automation happens through the use of ICT tools, especially business software (e.g. ERP). We provide the adequate toll for your business. This service includes a thorough study of your business processes and their enhancement.

Project management & Initiation

Managing ICT projects is one of our expertise. We can start at the initiation phase and take the project right through to it’s completion and hand-over, while taking into account the expectations of all stakeholders involved.

Network Design & Implementation

Through in-house expertise in setting up the best design for the client’s needs, we design and implement your optimal LAN, WAN, WLAN for your business. We will advise you to either go the wireless or cable way.